Oct 17, 2018
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Glamorous and Sexy Black and Pink Nail Designs

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Why Pink and Black

The reason why pink and black combination is quite unique and uncommon is because the different styles represented by those two. Pink represents femininity and girly. It represents cuteness and being adorable. Black, on the other hand, represents mystery. The black hue represents masculinity and power. When the colors are combined, the effect is quite uncommon and yet they are highly stylish. The color is still cute and playful, and yet it is also tough and strong. Lots of people also refer this color as the glam rock chick or the cute Goth. If you want to go simple and natural, go with pale pink – almost pastel and nude. But when you want to make a statement in bold and daring way, go with the bright or bold pink – like the fuchsia. That’s why there are also black and hot pink nail designs.

Different and Various Styles

There are many different types and designs that you can try for this styling. If you really want to look different without overdoing it, you can try these examples:

  • The pink and black checkered pattern. Apply pink as the base cover and then come up with checkered patterns with the black. Apply clear top coat to make this long lasting. If you want to improve the look, you can even have the gradient pink base with lighter hue on the bed nail and darker hue near the tip.
  • The pink and black flame French base. This style is based on French manicure. But instead of white, you use black for the tip of the nail. And to make it edgier, add pink on the very tip. Use small brush and apply the polish in quick swipe to create flaming effect. If you want to soften the style, add white flower image on the border between the clear coat and the black.
  • The solo pink and glam black. You cover the nails of all the fingers in black, but leave one finger covered in pink. Add unique pattern on top of the pink, such as diamond, hearts, cards, or whatever image you like. To create mysterious and darker aura, use matte polish. These black and pink nail designs are very simple, but highly exclusive and elegant.

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