Oct 17, 2018
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Different Examples of Tropical Nail Designs

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About the Design

Basically having such design is quite easy and simple. Include beach setting, sun set (or sun rise), sands, turtles, shells, beach ball, and other stuffs associated with tropic and beach, and you are good to go! You can even have tropical vacation nail designs on your fingers. Afraid that each nail won’t be enough for it? Who says you need to limit it to one nail only. You can make use of the five nails so there seems to be a series of events or stories when they are lined up together. Slap any image of designs that you like; just be creative.

Different Styles to Consider

Here are some great designs that you can consider as examples:

  • The romantic sunset. Apply orange-yellowish polish on your nails. Add little purple hue on the bed of the nail. Then draw images of flying birds near a palm tree with black polish and you already get the tropical setting that you want.
  • The beach waves. Apply beige or pale gray on the nails. Then add light blue near the tip. To create wavy effect, add white lines – make it wavy – on the border between the beige and the blue. You can add images of foot print, shells, or pebbles on top of the beige.
  • The spring break. Apply pale blue or turquoise on your nails. Add a little beige glitter polish on the bed, to create sand effect. Add white abstract lines on top of the blue to create wave bubbles and water effect. Add shells stickers on top of the glitter beige. Apply clear top coat to make it long lasting.

There are still other different designs that you can try. You can even take a look at example images from Instagram or Pinterest for ideas. You can also check tropical nail designs Tumblr so you can come up with your own mix and match. Having the tropical nail designs is totally fun and stylish!

Photos of the Different Examples of Tropical Nail Designs


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