Oct 17, 2018
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Benefits and Examples of Cute Fake Nail Designs

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Benefit of Fake Nails

You may think that fake nails don’t have any significance, but there are actually some benefits you can enjoy from these nails.

  • If your real nails are worn down and damaged – either because natural defect, side effects of ailments, or bad habit of biting your nails, the fake nails can provide perfect cover so your nails will look perfect and flawless. There is no need to be embarrassed of your nail anymore.
  • Fake nails can be easily attached or removed. If you happen to like changing styles or themes, having fake nails can really help. With simple attachment or removal, you can have different looks right away!
  • With fake nails, you don’t necessarily being fussy about your nails. If you like changing styles, there is no need to worry that you may damage your nails with different polish or the usage of polish remover. Your real nails will be protected.

Various Styles and Looks

Basically, there are lots of different styles and looks for these fake nails. You can browse for ideas. You can also view cute fake nail designs Pinterest, if you want to get examples. Here are some popular and stylish ideas for the fake nails.

  • The classic zebra. The basic implementation is the French manicure with white on the tip. But instead of plain white, some black lines can be added to create zebra effect. It is simple and yet highly stylish and elegant.
  • The adorable and cute pink heart. This one also use the same application of French manicure. But instead of plain white on the tip, another layer of pink is added on the very tip of the nails, creating white and pink layers. Then heart images are added – on the bed or on the tip – to create this romantic yet adorable pink heart effect.

These are just some examples of great fake nail models. There are still more cute fake nail designs that you can find.

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Photos of the Benefits and Examples of Cute Fake Nail Designs


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