Nov 3, 2018
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10 Nail Art Designs Using HOUSEHOLD ITEMS

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Sandy welcome back to to polish Anthony’s nail art tutorial Hannah will be sharing cute and fun nail art designs that are easy to create we won’t need any special tools for these designs just household items let us know down in the comments which design is your favorite and now let’s get started hi it’s Hannah so before anything else apply a base coat to help protect your nails design it for some easy retro. Using pink black and white polish with pink as the base color search how to bobby pin and use one of the sides to apply black polka dots to the nail now it’s over the black ones but slightly to the side next up we have paint splatter Nails using white blue pink and yellow colors with white as the base color princess doll and dip it into the pink polish then blow through the cell onto the nail to create the splatter look to the same for the other colors removing liquid latex around the nail if you applied it and then clean up any excess College Design District India blue and silver polish while it’s drying up high the blue polish for the base color what’s a silver is dry remove the penis area and cut thin strips of the tapes Mountain Supply it however you like I’m doing a double Skype list be sure to cut back any excess cake mom has a cute heart print design using white and pink polish with white as the base color you can take the First Rate to small pink. police 2.4 the bottom of the heart and fill it in you can go back with the white polish to clean up the shape if needed price on the entire nail Christmas design is for a checkered nail using black and aqua polish with aqua as the base color take two pieces of Scotch tape and a line the corner so that they meet in the middle of the nail what kind of black polish over the entire area then remove the tape I totally forgot to phone cleaning up around the nail but you’re definitely want to do that and fix any sections that are missed this design is for some colorful marble nails using white green purple red and yellow colors with white as the base color Driftwood Google public into a cup of water and take some hair spray and spray it into the cup did not mean to me to go flying out of the car cremated pretty neat design so I just went with it now dip email into the Cubs and clean up any excess before removing do the same thing with the other color so that they begin to lay on the nail each colors reacted a little differently to the hairspray and so it makes for a cool look on the nails must we have a glitter purse design using black and pink glitter polish with black as a base color part for thin strips of painters or Scotch tape and place them on the nail in a verse form coming from the cuticles glitter polish over the entire nail then remove the tape right after reaches a little higher black around the nail design is for a sideways using aqua and purple polish with aqua as a base color hammers or Scotch tape and carefully cut a piece so that it has a wavy pattern then apply the Purple colors and remove the tape right after now I can show you a shattered glass or metal design using black colors as the base color custom aluminum foil and cut a bunch of small pieces opossum Palco in place the four pieces on to the nail how to use Clippers for the last design I’m doing some cute roses using white pink

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